Random Sequence Generator


Random Sequence Generator is an online app designed to generate random DNA, RNA or protein sequences, calculate molecular weights and process and format the sequence strings in miscellaneous ways.


All operations provided by the app can be performed either on a sequence generated within the app or on a sequence provided by the user (pasted in the Sequence Output area). To generate a random sequence, first select the molecule type (DNA, RNA or protein) and its length. Then modify the required GC content in case of a nucleic acid or amino acid frequency in case of a protein. Click the Generate button to start the random sequence generation process. Depending on the sequence length and the computer performance, this can take a non-negligible time for longer sequences.

By default, the generated sequence contains no line breaks (it is one-line text even though it is displayed as a justified block). To truly justify the sequence into a text block, regularly spaced line breaks must be inserted. This is done by the Format Output operation (if set to do so). The Clean Sequence operation will do just the opposite, i.e. remove all numbers, spaces, and line breaks to get a one-line sequence.

The app offers a set of supplemental operations applicable to a sequence string. The Calculate MW operation will calculate the molecular weight of the sequence and display it under the "Sequence Output" heading. The sequence can be converted between lowercase and uppercase with a ⇨ A and A ⇨ a buttons. The Shuffle operation will randomly change the order of characters in the sequence so it will return the "scrambled" variant of the sequence. The Reverse operation will reverse the order of characters in the sequence. The Reverse Complement and Complement operations are only available for nucleic acids and will return reverse complement and complement of the sequence, respectively.