Random Gene Set Generator


Random Gene Set Generator is an online tool for generation of random selections of genes from the genome of a specified organism. The random selection algorithm is based on the Mersenne Twister pseudorandom number generator and the source lists of genes have been parsed from species-specific genome annotation files.


First select the organism of interest and the required gene list length. By default, the program is set to generate one random list of genes. However, the program can generate many random gene sets at once, just set the desired value in the "Number of Gene Sets" field. Start the random gene set generation by clicking the Generate button. In case more than one list is being generated, the output is provided as a set of tab-separated values where the individual gene sets are arranged column-wise. The output can be easily transferred into a spreadsheet program (e.g. Microsoft Excel) with a simple copy-paste operation.

The data in the Output Gene Set field (both results of the random gene set generation and data entered/pasted into the field by the user) can be further processed with a two additional functions. Clicking the Sort button will sort the items alphabetically in ascending order. The Shuffle function will randomly re-order the items in the Output Gene Set field.